Several pieces of news (Dea Vivente Familia – announcement of new dolls, ‘Taiga’ #3, Photographs)

Announcement of a new doll series – Dea Vivente Familia

I’m receiving letters with questions whether I’m going to make dolls of limited edition for people, not only creating them to my taste.

I don’t like to repeat myself in my work, each doll is unique for me, and I want to experiment constantly to create thorough images. Creative process takes much time, and there cannot be many of such dolls for obvious reasons. Each of them is like a child for me, sometimes capricious and willful, but I cannot leave her until she finds herself and lives her own life.

To make my dolls more affordable, I’ve decided to try a new experimental series – Dea Vivente Familia.

It will represent short series of nude dolls as a part of overall limited edition, gathering successful features of their senior sisters, and certainly will be equal to them by the quality. The overall quantity of dolls of each face mold’s limited edition will stay unchanged.

The doll’s set will include one removable wig of untressed hair without hairstyling (like Dea’s hair and Vilena’s the blond).
The dolls of these series will have the mark Dea Vivente Familia on the back of the head.

The first series of 5 dolls (face mold ‘Taiga’ #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, without face modifications) will resemble Dea, but will be made of the same porcelain material Vilena has been made of, and will have Vilena’s body elemental base. It will be offered to you at a fairly affordable price in 1300 USD.

For Dea Vivente Familia dolls there will be a Pre Order opportunity that gives a customer the right of priority for a doll’s creation, its purchase and shipping right after its completion.
Besides, in case of Pre Order a customer gets an opportunity to choose several options for a doll’s appearance.

You can get more information about Dea Vivente Familia mini-series doll’s ordering procedure in the
respective section of the site.

To get to the Pre Order form, click on the picture below:

Information on dolls’ readiness and possibility of pre-order for each numbered exemplar will be displayed at the site.

‘Taiga’ #3

The work on the previously mentioned doll ‘Taiga’ #3 has appeared to be more experimental and creative than I have planned. I’ve got so carried away by this girl and have decided to create a rich image for her that has been growing up for a long time and has dreamt about its visualization.
I want to show only one of the first sketches with the initial variant of the nude doll.

Right now the idea has evolved far from its origin, and the doll is going to be completely different, however it will be a surprise and you’ll see everything after a while. Nevertheless, the sketch has one detail of the image that is going to stay in the new doll – you can fantasize which one exactly 😉
Most likely this doll will stay with me to participate in a future exhibition.


I’m glad to announce that some of my photographs are available now for licensing and commercial use. You can find them at the site of the remarkable largest provider of digital content – Getty Images, operating worldwide.

Besides, you can order prints of photographs you like right at my website and get them via postal service. For more information you can check this page.

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