Auction is closed and Vilena stays at home for a while

A new section, Dolls for sale, is now open at the site, where the dolls available for sale will be exhibited.
Considering that our auction doesn’t have a winner, Vilena has moved to this section for the permanent exhibition , where she can be purchased with the fixed price.

I’m planning to finish the next Dea Vivente (“Taiga” #3) in several weeks, and to start a new auction for her. For more details, you can check the section How to buy.

Besides, I would like to show you some unpublished photographs that have been taken during the working process on Vilena.
Especially, I like this photo, since Vilena looks here even more like a real living woman. It was taken during the hairstyling of the red wig.

My little but very courageous helpers are ready for the war for quality. =)
Undeservedly, they rarely become main characters in photos, that’s why I want to remedy this situation in acknowledgement of their contribution to my work.

Vilena here is just after the assembling on my working desk waiting for a trip outdoor for a photo-session.

You will find more photographs in the section Work in progress as usual, or at my Flickr.

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