Copyright policy and disclosures

Under the current legal code of the Russian Federation and the laws and regulations of the majority of countries, as the author I own all the exclusive rights to the works created by me, including dolls, photographs, videos, drawings and paintings, images and the materials published at my website and on the Internet. Besides, I point out that the right to use images of the piece of work in advertising and other commercial purposes belongs to the author, including the use after the sale of the work. Copying or modification of the work or part of the work, as well as public exposure or use of the work, images of the work or images and photographs created by me, as well as the use of materials published on the Internet in advertising and other commercial purposes without my written consent, or without apparent attribution in cases when I allow non-commercial use or use for educational purposes, shall be regarded as a direct infringement of my copyrights.
Responsibility for copyright infringement depends on the nature of actions that violate copyrights. The legislation provides for several types of liability: civil liability, administrative liability and criminal liability for copyright infringement.
You will easily find all the necessary information about the copyright protection and liability for copyright infringement on the Internet.
Please, refer to my position on the issue of copyright protection. Any situation of infringement of my copyrights may result in legal proceedings without prior notification of the person who violated the copyrights. Thank you for your understanding.

Publishing the website materials and my photographs on the Internet
Currently, I allow and welcome non-commercial use or use for educational purposes of materials, images, videos and photographs published by me on the Internet, with the obvious and obligatory mention of me as the author (©2013 Anya Kozlova) and the credit link to my website (, provided that it does not cause me material damage.
Any commercial or advertising use of materials, images, videos and photo-materials published by me on the Internet shall be allowed exclusively with my written permission.

Purchase and sale of dolls, use of dolls’ images, transfer of the doll’s ownership
Selling dolls and transferring their ownership to the buyer, I reserve all the copyrights to the work, including the rights of the doll reproduction or its images. No doll in whole and no part of a doll can be changed, copied or reproduced in any way.
A doll cannot be photographed, sketched, drawn and painted, or reproduced in the image in any other way for commercial or advertising use without my written permission. A doll cannot be released to public, that is, presented in any form or by any means to the general public without my written permission.

Taking part in an auction and transferring funds to my bank account, the buyer unconditionally accepts the terms of sale and purchase agreement under which it passes to his/her property. The person who signs the agreement and pays the agreed amount in it, must be of legal age and competent. Any use of a doll or its images that goes beyond the agreement, without a supplementary agreement in writing, shall be regarded as copyright infringement.
I allow free publishing of photographs, videos, images, drawings and paintings of dolls created by me, on the Internet, provided that this publishing is not intended for commercial or advertising purposes, or it is used for educational purposes only and does not cause me material damage. Such a publishing shall be made with apparent and obligatory mention of me as the author (for example, doll by Anya Kozlova) and the credit link to my website (
Any commercial use of the work, a part of the work or materials created with the work (for example, photographs, videos, sketches, drawings and paintings), as well as its public exposure shall be regarded as the infringement of my copyrights, and shall be allowed exclusively with my written permission.

Purchase and sale, and use of photographs, licensing
The photographs purchased at my online shop can be used exclusively under a license purchased. Any other use is possible only with my written permission.

Disclaimer statement
As the author of the work, I shall bear no responsibility for any harm, material or any other damage that can be caused to the doll’s owner or third parties, in connection with the use of the doll by its owner or others in any way.
A doll contains small pieces and is made of fragile material that can be broken to form sharp edges and small fragments, which completely excludes its use by young children.
Porcelain is a very durable but fragile material at the same time. Careless handling, fall of a doll or fall of a heavy object on a doll, the effect of high temperature and its abrupt change (thermal shock) can irreversibly damage a doll.
I warn of the possible situations in which a doll cannot take or fix some of the poses, typical to a living person. I may sacrifice some technological slots or holes in a doll’s parts and to make them limited, for the sake of the aesthetics of sculpture and realistic look. Besides, it should be taken into consideration that porcelain is a hard and static material which does not allow a doll to have body mobility similar to a human one.
Disassembling and assembling of a doll is allowed exclusively in the manner described in the enclosed assembly instructions.
A doll’s owner should periodically take care of porcelain, this should be done in the manner described in the enclosed Owner’s guide.
Any repair of a doll, of its parts or inner mechanisms is possible only after direct contact with me for advice and necessary guidance.

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