Five ones

There will be five ones… But who are they?

As you might guess, I’m talking about the first Dea Vivente Familia mini-series. Two dolls (‘Taiga’ #5 and #6) have already been ordered, and their future owners have decided what they are going to look like. One more doll is more likely to be made by my own design as an illustration of previously unrealized options. Remaining dolls are available for pre-order at this page.

I have cast over a hundred of doll parts for the last September, and now you can look in at the studio and see how comfortably parts of future dolls are lying on shelves when drying, though this photo shows only the part of the work done.

As I work on the series, I will show you how it moves on, especially it will be interesting for those who have already placed orders and wait for their dollies – indeed, they will be the first to work on. So, stay tuned!

The last picture I show is the one I’ve made today after taking shower. I took Vilena in hands and played with her a bit, and I wanted to capture well-turned legs of the doll on my own feet. They often shoot dolls on hands, but what about legs? :-) Well, I’ll be the first then!
By the way, wait for at least one more picture made with feet somewhere in future – suddenly I was struck by an interesting idea!

Well, do you like feet as much as I like them?

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