New dolls’ disclosures

Dear friends!
I would like to publish some disclosures concerning new dolls.

Terms of dolls’ availability
Due to certain circumstances, creation of dolls is being delayed. These include supply of porcelain masses and my experiments with these ceramic materials, redesign of several model parts and casting molds, works on the website and some others.
I prefer not to be in a hurry during technological processes and especially painting, to create dolls of the highest quality possible.
It will require approximately three more weeks to finish working on two previously announced dolls, as well as some time to prepare visual materials for their presentation (photo, video).
Thank you for your patient waiting.

Dolls’ sale
The auction will be set up at the Dea Vivente website, where these two dolls will be being sold during 2 weeks (14 calendar days). Instructions for site registration and the auction manual will be published later.
The starting price of a lot will be 1500 US dollars.

Payment method
Currently, the only reasonable for me, enough convenient for you and reliable payment method is bank transfer (International wire transfer). My position is due to the specifics of work of widespread payment systems with the Russian Federation. As soon as withdrawal of funds from PayPal is available for Russia, this payment method will be acceptable.

Shipping details
The worldwide shipping will be carried out from Moscow (Russia) by DHL Express, and its cost will depend on destination.

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2 Responses to New dolls’ disclosures

  1. the $1500 dollars are for the two dolls of for each one?, thanks!