New dolls are on their way

I’m creating two new Dea Vivente dolls – #2 and #3 (face mold “Taiga”) that will be available for sale soon. Of course, they will take after their “sisters”, at the same time they will differ someway, for I want to avoid exact copies and strive to make each doll unique. As for the mold name “Taiga”, I’ll tell you someday in future why it’s called this way, all in good time, and now I’ll show several “backstage” photos taken during casting the dolls’ parts – one of the stages of creating a porcelain Dea Vivente doll. The technology of porcelain manufacture has already been covered enough by ceramist masters, thus here I’m not going deep into process details. To my mind, it will be more exciting to peek in my studio!

Some more “in-process” photos of casting can be look at my Flickr page, where the following reportage shots will be published.
Dea’s “sisters” are on their way, slowly but surely. Soon I’ll be glad to introduce two new members of Dea Vivente “family”.

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