Celestial girl

Meet the delightful beauty Celia, a girl from ‘Familia’ mini-series!

Her eyes are bright and deep as the sky itself. One has just to look into them, and one may sink into this celestial ocean at once. Even it’s a pity a bit that I haven’t looked much into these eyes!
The doll’s owner came up with her image, and called her by the Italian name, which means “the sky”.


Looking at this light and soft girl, one can feel warmth, tenderness, tranquility and grace.

Celia has successfully reached her new home, and I hope her warmth will be passed to everybody who keeps company with her.
You can look at the other photos of the doll in this gallery.

The image of the last doll from this mini-series is determined, so the preorder is closed and the first ‘Familia’ series is coming to the end.

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2 Responses to Celestial girl

  1. Oly says:

    Extremely beautiful!