The renewed Vilena

Today I’d like to share this piece of news with you – Vilena has got an owner! Recently they have got acquainted, and now the girl is living together with her. This was how I prepared her for the move:

A new home means a new life: Vilena has been wearing 2 hairdos before, but her keeper wanted to coddle her with several more wigs to create some fairytale images. The owner was especially fascinated by Vilena with the extra long hair, so it was decided to make almost all the new wigs below the knee-length, and here is one of them:

Together we have defined which hair colours suit Vilena best, and now she happily tries on four new images. Wavy extra long hair adds the doll a certain portion of romanticism, while the light blond wig makes a bold fatal beauty out of her.

It is so cool when one has the possibility to change the image easily and quickly – and that is a special charm of different doll’s wigs!
I hope Vilena will always bring joy and beauty into her new home!
You can look at the other photos of the doll wearing her new wigs in this gallery.

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