New face of Dea Vivente

I haven’t written anything here at the site for a long time, but I continue working hard, and now I’ve made it a rule to take more ‘work-in-progress’ photos that I try to publish at least once a week or two. You can follow my updates using the line of thumbnails at the main page of the site, or at the galleries at Flickr and Facebook.

Half a year of my works has resulted in this portion of “dollmaker’s soup” – this is how I called this bowl while unloading the kiln after high firing. :-)

In the photo you can see that there are more parts than for one doll, and I have quite much news, but I won’t reveal all the secrets at once – all in good time.

Right now I’m working on a girl that I’ll call Gemma.

In the photo one can note three new elements: new tone of porcelain, new face, and the small breast that has been turning up here and there in ‘work-in-progress’ photos.
New porcelain colour is very interesting and beautiful. It’s close to the flesh tone that I’ve already been working with, but richer and darker.
The following photo shows the new face of Dea Vivente from different angles:

Gemma has a slightly snub and upturned nose and a half opened mouth that bares pretty teeth. Personally, I like when the teeth are seen, and I’ve wanted to make such a doll for a long time.

Unlike the predecessor face mold “Taiga” which is full of calmness and serenity, this face is more playful and naughty in temper. The new girl is going to be very self willed!

I feel very excited and can’t wait when I see Gemma finished. And now painting waits for me, which is one of my favourite and the most interesting doll processes that defines so much in the doll’s image.
I’ll try to publish photos “directly from the work table” in a timely manner, so stay tuned and thank you for your attention!

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