About Familia mini-series

In these latter days I’ve been busy working and haven’t written anything for a long time, and have completely forgotten to note the end of the first Familia mini-series of 5 dolls. Each of the girls appeared to be special, and I’d like to thank their owners for proposed characters. Here they are, from left to right: Illiana, Zaria Danica, Taiga 4, Celia, Aurora.


While working on this series I’ve rethought the breast’s sculpture. The first version of this part was bothering me – I didn’t like some moments in the anatomical aspect. I wanted to come to sculpting of a new breast more thoughtfully with all my acquired experience, and as a result to come closer to a more anatomically correct and realistic sculpture.


The new model of breast is presented to you by the last doll of the first Familia mini-series (she was completed in December 2014).


For this wig I used wavy hair with small curls. Totally, I’ve made 5 wigs for this doll presenting different characters, among which I can point out one with white hair colour turning the girl into a gorgeous platinum blonde (in the photo below, other photos can be seen in Flickr gallery).


Currently I’m continuing to work on individual orders.

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Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, my dear friends!
I wish you warmth, kindness, peace and harmony!


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Logo & identity of Dea Vivente

‘Dea Vivente’ dolls (from Italian: “living goddess”) represent genuine and healthy women living in harmony with themselves and the world, having a grown mature body with fluent and natural lines. Born for admiration and respect, they are full of dignity, honour and inner strength.
Sensitivity and sensuality coexist inseparably in them: softness, tenderness and delicacy from one side, from the other side – fire and passion. Their image can be natural and calm or bright and extravagant – everything is harmonious and euphonic in it.
By my work I tell not only about the nude body’s beauty, but also I try to show the body becoming shelter for a deep inner world with all its lurking corners of soul, mind and facets of feelings and emotions.

To reflect the main ideas of Dea Vivente I needed a logotype – elegant and refined, but also simple and clear at the same time.
I began working on the logo long ago, and little by little I was moving towards its perfect (to my mind) representation. I draw different sketches, there were many tries, observations and thoughts…


One of the ideas was to picture a doll’s figure in Vitruvian man’s pose from the Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing, as a symbol of harmony, well-formed proportions and the human body’s beauty. To link this idea to the brand, a woman’s figure in the logo should have repeated Dea Vivente dolls’ silhouette. To draw the body form I took many photos of the doll – Dea posed as a model for me. In the following photo she is lying in one of the poses, and then you can see a sketch drawn by hand from her silhouette:



Later I stepped away from direct reference to Vitruvian man, and the logo evolved in a new image of the “living goddess”. And today I proudly present it to you:


Two variants of the logo visually differentiate doll’s series: Dea Vivente woman in a long dress that makes her figure statuary and majestic is the main logo for porcelain dolls in unique characters. The nude goddess image is for the series of nude porcelain dolls (Dea Vivente Familia).
Circle represents wholeness, unity and infinity. Biological forms ‘entwining’ the circle hint at inner connection between human with nature.
For the logo I’ve chosen a subtle and serene tone of the colour between blue and violet. Both colours reflect the main essence of Dea Vivente in the best way possible: blue is a colour of peace and universal harmony, tuning to the sphere of high feelings; violet is a colour of reverie, inner concentration and melancholy, leading to inner extension and uniting body and spirit.
I’m content that Dea Vivente has a logo now, and I’m very happy that I’ve completely succeeded in reflecting the essence of my dolls in it. Stay tuned for a new doll’s pictures with it!

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Dea Vivente video: Gemma

Dear friends!
Today I’m presenting to you a short but very appetizing video with Gemma in the lead role. Enjoy!

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Gemma and new feet

Last time I was telling you about a new doll Gemma, and now I want to show you her assembled. Ta-dah! – Gemma is standing on her toes (a bit below about them):


I continue working on the doll, and little by little, I put my ideas into life. While working on the doll image, I often imitate it by putting different comprising elements to the doll, and take mock-up photos to be sure I’m moving in the right direction, and if it needs something else to add or change in the original idea. As a rule, this process really draws me in, and I can contemplate a future doll for a long time, re-creating the image from my head into reality, to feel deeply the image and to “live” with it. In the following photo, I put locks of hair to the doll to imitate the hairdo.


The face painting is still in process here. I’d thought up a bright image for Gemma, thus the make-up should have been appropriate. I was making such a rich and saturated painting of lips and nails for the first time, and as for the lips, it was important to me to get a combination of a quite dark cherry- burgundy colour with a very moderate satin finish. There are many nuances and tricky peculiarities in work with bright red colours, but in the end I’ve succeeded with this task.
For the image I’ve chosen the ‘bob’ hairdo with a slightly shortened fringe. It gives Gemma’s face and eyes openness and highlights her character’s naughtiness and the slight female cunning. The photo shows the wig in process before the haircut. Black hair colour really suits her!


And here is the ready doll’s portrait. Gemma is quite a complicated persona, she likes to be in the center of attention for sure! She adores glance and shining, so she loves putting on expensive jewelry with stones.


I got interested in the idea of combination of porcelain with jewelry inlays of artificial gemstones about 2 years ago (remember my sketch?), and at last I’ve succeeded in putting it in life successfully. Gemma wears a set of necklace and bracelet incrusted with outstanding Swarovski Zirconia gemstones. They highlight the girl’s brilliance beautifully, as well as the black filigree of the jewelry looks marvellously on her tanned body and complements her fatal image perfectly.

Also, today I’m presenting new feet for high heels to you.


I like the look of female high-heeled feet very much, they have something magnetic. Probably partially because high-heeled footwear that implies such bended feet, adds femininity and makes legs more graceful and elegant. Besides, these feet are so playful!


What is remarkable, I’ve succeeded in making a good balance, and the doll can stand on her toes without a backing. Gemma demonstrates it perfectly in the first photo, balancing playfully on my working table. And no tricks with strings!
The rest of the high-heels photos can be seen in the Flickr gallery.

As the work on Gemma is not complete, she will take a bit of rest being a nude, and before setting about to her outfit, I will finish the last girl of the current mini-series of nude dolls Familia.

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