About dolls’ shipping

Finally, two of my girls have acquired their homes and now they live with new owners in opposite parts of the world! Owners immediately fell in love with their dollies, and I’m so happy for that! Both of them have noted high workmanship quality, silky porcelain surface, design and additional elements for the dolls.
Taking into consideration experience of the last deals, now I can form definite offers for delivery.
For international shipping I will use UPS Express services. This company has a long history at the market, the vast net of departments worldwide, and especially I can note their well-thought-out work, high qualification of customs brokers, approachable and competent personnel, as well as fast delivery.
Russian customers can use services of SPSR-Express, I’ve had a positive experience with them, as well – I liked fast shipping and a pleasant balance of price and quality.
You can find more information on shipping in the updated section “How to buy”.

And now I want to show you how one of the girls is sitting on a personal box handmade by me, waiting for a far journey.


From the outside the box is covered with suede, and its inner soft cushions are covered with satin. Inside there are ribbons to fix the doll in the box when one transports her anywhere. The wig is packed in a special individual envelope to protect the wig form, and ‘pleasant little things’ can be found by owner on the inner soft surface of the lid.

In the meantime I continue working on other dolls from the current mini-series. Concerning one of them, her future owner has already decided on her special name and image! It’s intriguing to create a doll with thoughts about her inner nature, fancying her defined image, and to see her being born afterwards!
Right now two Dea Vivente Familia dolls are available for pre-order. More information can be found at this page.

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3 Responses to About dolls’ shipping

  1. Кудашева Лилия Рифовна says:

    Я ещё раз хочу выразить свою благодарность Анне за чудесную девочку, которая поселилась у меня. Для тех кто только думает или собирается приобрести этих кукол: не сомневайтесь – понравится обязательно! Работа зрелая, очень профессиональная. Фарфор идеально ровный и гладкий даже в самых труднодоступных местах. Роспись, проклейка шарниров, парик – всё выполнено очень аккуратно! Шарниры двигаются легко и в тоже время хорошо фиксируют позы. В общем, и, эстетическое и, техническое исполнение на высоте. Рекомендую всем!
    Аня, спасибо, кукла – настоящее произведение искусства!

    кстати, назвались Авророй – богиней утренней зари :-)

  2. UaMUSEme says:

    I too am intrigued to see the star envisioned by the imagination, born with her own Spirit shining through.