Registration FAQ

What is the registration for
The registration at the site is necessary only to participate in doll auctions and to make purchases in the Shop. You can surf the site and leave comments to posts without being registered.
Registered users can configure their profiles and should not input their data repeatedly.

How to register at the site
Variant 1: One can enter registration data using the site registration form.
You will receive a letter to this e-mail with the confirmation link that you should follow to finish the registration process. Unconfirmed accounts will be automatically deleted after 7 days.

Variant 2: One can connect with one if the following popular services accounts:
Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID, Windows Live, VKontakte.
To do this, click on one of the buttons with the logotype of chosen service on it at the registration page.
Some services do not provide e-mails, in this case you will be offered to enter e-mail manually. Please, provide a valid e-mail here (it will not be shown to other site visitors).

How to change your account data
One can change the profile data (except for the username) and password by clicking on “Profile” link below your avatar.
Attention: The URL field is filled automatically at connecting with some of the social nets accounts, and will be used as a link to your site at hovering the mouse cursor over your name in comments. If you don’t want it to be shown to other visitors, leave this field blank or delete its contents.

How to use your own avatar (Gravatar)
By default, all the users at the site are given randomly generated avatars. To link your favourite avatar to the site, you should register the e-mail used at the Dea Vivente site at and upload your image. After a while this avatar will be shown at the site.

How to delete your account
To delete your account, you should send a letter to with this request.

How to leave comments
To leave a comment, enter your Username and a valid e-mail (it will not be shown to other site visitors). To avoid spam messages, the first comment by each user undergoes premoderation. All your following comments will show up at the site at once.
In case you leave a comment as a registered user, you don’t have to enter your data.
Please, be careful and polite to other site visitors and comply with etiquette rules.

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