Auction manual

This section contains information and disclosures about doll auctions held at this website.

Before the auction
Before bidding at the auction, please, check out my position considering copyright policy, as well as make sure that you are ready to accept the terms of the Sales and purchase Agreement, the example of which you can find in the lot’s description.
The registration at the site is necessary for participating at the auction. You will find more about registration in the special section.

Description of the auction’s process
The auction uses a simple bidding process, when a placed bid represents the current bid.
The minimal bidding increment is $25, the maximum one is not limited.


  • Participant 1 confirms the starting price of $1500
  • Participant 2 places a bid of $1600, which now becomes the current bid
  • Participant 3 places a bid of $1625, which becomes the new current bid
  • The process of bidding continues in this fashion till the auction ends.

Attention: the auction’s process involves an automatic prolongation of the auction’s running time for 30 minutes in case of placing a new bid 15 minutes before the auction ends.

The one whose bid is the highest at the end of the auction becomes the winner of the auction.

The total final price of the lot does not include the shipping cost, postage, the cost of insurance and the possible commission if paid. The shipping cost and the cost of insurance are calculated individually and are paid on their own. Postage for sending documents from the buyer to the seller is paid by the buyer him/herself.

After the ending of the auction

  1. The auction’s winner (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) reports his/her details and the exact address of delivery.
  2. I calculate the shipping cost and send via e-mail the prepared Sales and purchase Agreement along with the bank details for Wire transfer.
  3. The Buyer prints the set of documents in 2 copies, signs and sends them via postal service to the address specified by me.
  4. The Buyer pays the amount specified in the Sales and purchase Agreement according to the bank details provided.
  5. As soon as the set of documents is delivered by the postal service, and the amount is credited to the account, I pass the lot and the set of documents on to the delivery service.
  6. The operator will deliver the doll in several days and will ask to sign documents on delivery.

The total final price of the lot for the winner will consist of:

  • the price of the lot at the auction
  • the shipping cost for the lot
  • postage for sending the set of documents

In some cases, the additional cost of insurance may be included in the shipping cost, upon request made by the Buyer and in agreement with the Buyer.

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