‘Dea Vivente Familia’ mini-series


Dea Vivente Familia represents mini-series of nude dolls (without face mold modifications) as a part of overall limited edition, gathering successful features of their senior sisters, that are certainly equal to them by the quality. The overall quantity of dolls of each face mold’s limited edition stays unchanged.
The doll’s set includes one removable wig of untressed hair without hairstyling (like Dea’s hair and Vilena’s the blond).
The dolls of these series will have the mark Dea Vivente Familia on the back of the head.

For Dea Vivente Familia dolls there is a Pre-Order opportunity that gives a customer the right of priority for a doll’s creation, its purchase and shipping right after its completion.
Besides, in case of Pre-Order a customer gets an opportunity to choose several options of a doll’s appearance.

In the frame of the first series of Dea Vivente Familia you can choose the following options:
Type, colour and length of hair, place of parting on a wig, type of eyelashes, eyes colour, lips colour, make-up, nails colour, delicate area

The price of the doll does not include the shipping cost, postage, the cost of insurance and the possible commission if paid. The shipping cost and the cost of insurance are calculated individually and are paid on their own. Postage for sending documents from the buyer to the seller is paid by the buyer him/herself.

The following Dea Vivente Familia series will be announced in the News section.

The buying procedure
After Pre-Order the following stages of procedure take place:

  1. I record the Client in queue for the current mini-series and clarify details of the order, if necessary.
  2. The Client reports his/her details and the exact address of delivery.
  3. I calculate the shipping cost and send via e-mail the prepared Sales and purchase Agreement along with the bank details for Wire transfer.
    Sales and purchase agreement example in English (801)
    Sales and purchase agreement example in Russian (446)
  4. The Client prints the set of documents in 2 copies, signs and sends them via postal service to the address specified by me.
  5. As soon as the ordered doll is ready, I publish her photos at the site and inform the Client about it. If he/she is satisfied with the result, he/she pays the amount specified in the Sales and purchase Agreement according to the bank details provided. If the Client refuses to purchase the doll for some reason, I annul and destroy the Agreement signed by him/her, and any person can buy this doll.
  6. As soon as the amount is credited to the bank account, I pass the doll and the set of documents on to the delivery service. (In case the Client is located in Moscow (Russia), the order is delivered in person).
  7. The operator will deliver the doll in several days and will ask the Client to sign documents on delivery.

The total final price of the order will consist of:

  • the price of the doll
  • the shipping cost for the order
  • postage for sending the set of documents

In some cases, the additional cost of insurance may be included in the shipping cost, upon request made by the Client and in agreement with the Client.

You can find more information about shipping variants at the page “How to buy”.

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