New face of Dea Vivente

I haven’t written anything here at the site for a long time, but I continue working hard, and now I’ve made it a rule to take more ‘work-in-progress’ photos that I try to publish at least once a week or two. You can follow my updates using the line of thumbnails at the main page of the site, or at the galleries at Flickr and Facebook.

Half a year of my works has resulted in this portion of “dollmaker’s soup” – this is how I called this bowl while unloading the kiln after high firing. :-)

In the photo you can see that there are more parts than for one doll, and I have quite much news, but I won’t reveal all the secrets at once – all in good time.

Right now I’m working on a girl that I’ll call Gemma.

In the photo one can note three new elements: new tone of porcelain, new face, and the small breast that has been turning up here and there in ‘work-in-progress’ photos.
New porcelain colour is very interesting and beautiful. It’s close to the flesh tone that I’ve already been working with, but richer and darker.
The following photo shows the new face of Dea Vivente from different angles:

Gemma has a slightly snub and upturned nose and a half opened mouth that bares pretty teeth. Personally, I like when the teeth are seen, and I’ve wanted to make such a doll for a long time.

Unlike the predecessor face mold “Taiga” which is full of calmness and serenity, this face is more playful and naughty in temper. The new girl is going to be very self willed!

I feel very excited and can’t wait when I see Gemma finished. And now painting waits for me, which is one of my favourite and the most interesting doll processes that defines so much in the doll’s image.
I’ll try to publish photos “directly from the work table” in a timely manner, so stay tuned and thank you for your attention!

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Celestial girl

Meet the delightful beauty Celia, a girl from ‘Familia’ mini-series!

Her eyes are bright and deep as the sky itself. One has just to look into them, and one may sink into this celestial ocean at once. Even it’s a pity a bit that I haven’t looked much into these eyes!
The doll’s owner came up with her image, and called her by the Italian name, which means “the sky”.

Looking at this light and soft girl, one can feel warmth, tenderness, tranquility and grace.

Celia has successfully reached her new home, and I hope her warmth will be passed to everybody who keeps company with her.
You can look at the other photos of the doll in this gallery.

The image of the last doll from this mini-series is determined, so the preorder is closed and the first ‘Familia’ series is coming to the end.

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The renewed Vilena

Today I’d like to share this piece of news with you – Vilena has got an owner! Recently they have got acquainted, and now the girl is living together with her. This was how I prepared her for the move:

A new home means a new life: Vilena has been wearing 2 hairdos before, but her keeper wanted to coddle her with several more wigs to create some fairytale images. The owner was especially fascinated by Vilena with the extra long hair, so it was decided to make almost all the new wigs below the knee-length, and here is one of them:

Together we have defined which hair colours suit Vilena best, and now she happily tries on four new images. Wavy extra long hair adds the doll a certain portion of romanticism, while the light blond wig makes a bold fatal beauty out of her.

It is so cool when one has the possibility to change the image easily and quickly – and that is a special charm of different doll’s wigs!
I hope Vilena will always bring joy and beauty into her new home!
You can look at the other photos of the doll wearing her new wigs in this gallery.

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The Morning Star is shining!

Meet the new Dea Vivente girl, she is called Zaria Danica!

This name and image were thought up by her future owner, and Zaria will come home to Scotland very soon. Her owner has come up to the process of choosing the doll’s name and character so thoroughly even before her creation, and I was so pleased with that!
Zaria Danica (Zaria – “dawn”, Danica – “star” – the names of the goddess Zaria in Slavic mythology) – The Dawn Star, the goddess of sunrise, beauty and love.
Zaria Danica, as she was thought of, has a ‘morning’ look: she is a light and tender and a bit cold beauty with bright blue eyes and shining gaze!

You can look at studio photos of the doll in this gallery.

I had been shooting her all day long before I stopped when it was dark outside in the window. For this photo session I was selecting very light tones which could suit the dawn goddess’s nature best.

Also I was missing art photoshoot, so I have experimented a bit in this direction. I’ve taken several art-photos, and here is one of them where Zaria Danica indeed appears to us as a dawning star in the soft light of the morning!

Among art-photos there is also a conceptual one named “Silence”, I’ve come up with visual idea for this picture about a year ago, and Zaria Danica appeared to be an appropriate model – I’ve succeeded to get the desirable effect with her.

The shot turned out to be exactly how I conceived and imagined it – I needed the contrast between raging storm of thoughts, emotions and passions of the world in her hair and the estranged gaze. Silence is gold, and her eyes penetrating the soul know and speak about that. Let the ocean of lives be storming, and inside there will be tranquility and silence. Let the world stop…

Two more art-photos can be seen in this gallery.

And now about working aspects – I’ve prepared the colour and type chart for the hair that can be chosen when ordering a doll. It presents available locks as they are, also shown together with a doll’s face.

This mini-catalogue of locks will help future owners to match desirable hair for the wig and ease its choice. Over time samples of other options will appear – skin tone, make-up, eyes, etc.
As I’ve spoken about before, I’ll make the next Dea Vivente Familia doll by my own taste and for the visualization of several unreleased options, as well as probably some new ones.

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About dolls’ shipping

Finally, two of my girls have acquired their homes and now they live with new owners in opposite parts of the world! Owners immediately fell in love with their dollies, and I’m so happy for that! Both of them have noted high workmanship quality, silky porcelain surface, design and additional elements for the dolls.
Taking into consideration experience of the last deals, now I can form definite offers for delivery.
For international shipping I will use UPS Express services. This company has a long history at the market, the vast net of departments worldwide, and especially I can note their well-thought-out work, high qualification of customs brokers, approachable and competent personnel, as well as fast delivery.
Russian customers can use services of SPSR-Express, I’ve had a positive experience with them, as well – I liked fast shipping and a pleasant balance of price and quality.
You can find more information on shipping in the updated section “How to buy”.

And now I want to show you how one of the girls is sitting on a personal box handmade by me, waiting for a far journey.


From the outside the box is covered with suede, and its inner soft cushions are covered with satin. Inside there are ribbons to fix the doll in the box when one transports her anywhere. The wig is packed in a special individual envelope to protect the wig form, and ‘pleasant little things’ can be found by owner on the inner soft surface of the lid.

In the meantime I continue working on other dolls from the current mini-series. Concerning one of them, her future owner has already decided on her special name and image! It’s intriguing to create a doll with thoughts about her inner nature, fancying her defined image, and to see her being born afterwards!
Right now two Dea Vivente Familia dolls are available for pre-order. More information can be found at this page.

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